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CorPoints Acupuncture & Wellness

Our mission at CorPoints Acupuncture is to provide patients with high quality care in a professional, safe, and tranquil environment. As of March 2018 we have moved the practice to North Pacific Beach, CA on Mission Blvd & Missouri Street. The founder of CorPoints Acupuncture, Dr. Elizabeth Novak, has a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and has been California board licensed since 2009. She also holds a Masters of Science in Nursing and has been involved in western medicine since 1992. This comprehensive experience in both scopes of medicine gives her the ability to individualize your treatments utilizing an integrative approach.

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Mind Body & Spirit.

When you receive care from Dr. Novak, you are seeing a practitioner who is an expert in her field. She possesses a deep understanding for the needs of her patients and always has an outlook that encompasses the patient as a whole: mind, body and spirit. There are several techniques that may be used in your care: acupuncture, cupping, massage, comprehensive lab testing, herbal prescriptions/supplementation, PNF stretching, gua sha, postural alignment and corrective exercises, kinesio taping, and nutritional counseling are a few examples depending on your condition.

It is with much gratitude that Dr. Novak is able to fulfill her passion for helping others through her experience and education. She considers it an honor to be a part of your healthcare needs.


Dr. Elizabeth Novak


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